The treatment of seawater, surface water and groundwater is a fairly complex process that generally takes place in several stages:

  1. Recovery of surface or ground water; 
  2. Rapid Sand Filtration or Microfiltration
  3. pH adjustment
  4. The flocculation trigger
  5. Softening in a tank
  6. Natural filtration
  7. Disinfection
  8. The thin filtering
  9. Preservation, storage and distribution

In order to provide a quality service, we are supported by Sotrad Water, a company created to develop, manufacture, market and install water treatment plants capable of producing between 1m³ and 200m³ of water per hour from surface water and combining a set of cutting-edge technologies to ensure superior quality water that meets the bacteriological standards imposed by the W.M.S.

Sotrad Water offers numerous water treatment solutions adapted to the needs of both populations and industries.

Fournisseur d’équipements de pompes à eau solaire à Abidjan

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