Novocrete: a soil stabilization technology

In the less developed regions of the world, the rapid and cost-effective development of infrastructure, in particular the road network, is the basic prerequisite for faster economic recovery and the connection of remote regions to economic centers.

A permanent traffic capacity for heavy transport trucks, special equipment and cranes with an axle load of more than 10 tons was simply possible with conventional and very time-consuming and expensive stabilization systems (soil excavation, calcium carbonate / cement stabilization) and an additional platform (gravel, asphalt / bitumen, concrete).

Due to climate change, roads are exposed to additional stress, followed by cleaning and maintenance.

The Solution offered by Estia Synergie Côte d’Ivoire is NovoCrete. It is a mineral powder additive composed of 100% mineral components.

How does Novocrete work?

It is used as an additive to conventional cements such as CEM I and CEM II during soil stabilization. A quantity of NovoCrete powder is usually added to the quantity of cement.

Due to the interaction of soil, cement and optimal water content, the formation of crystalline structures is increased during the cement hydration process.

This effect can lead to higher load-bearing capacities and water-impermeable layers. Weaknesses in unconventional cement stabilization, such as cracking and shrinkage, are minimized or even eliminated.

The resulting stable layers produce very high tensile strengths, offering a high level of « flexibility ». This means that they can absorb the vibrations caused by heavy trucks.

The NovoCrete system can even provide solutions for soils with up to 15% organic content or high salt content.

While using Novocrete technology, soils are stabilized in an in-place mixing procedure by mechanical treatment (dredge, milling cutter, steamroller, etc.) and homogeneous mixing of the Novocrete material.

The depth of soil stabilization is variable and subject to project requirements (bearing capacity, frost resistance, width, etc.). Due to the short reaction time of the Novocrete material, construction time is reduced by approximately 50%; and normally, roads can be used after 2 days.

The « earth concrete » made with Novocrete is characterized by its rolling resistance, elasticity and endurance.

The properties of Novocrete

With this innovative stabilisation system, cost savings of 20 to 30% will normally be achieved. This technology is also applicable for the stabilisation of contaminated soil, as the hazardous substances will be encapsulated within the treated soil. That the construction activities meet all quality standards will be inspected and certified by leading independent engineers and surveyors.