This Saturday, July 10 took place in the BANCO Park, the first edition of « Green Day » bringing together more than 120 young Ivorians organized by the NGO WAKE UP COTE D’IVOIRE in partnership with ESTIA SYNERGIE, in order to inform and sensitize the Ivorian youth on environmental issues.

The theme of this day « GREEN DAY » calls for a collective awareness of the issues of sustainable management of human activities in society, and further reflection on the conservation of biodiversity and opportunities for the development of the « green » economy in Côte d’Ivoire.

This day was rich in discovery and learning about the functioning of the Pump and Drink and its importance in improving the living conditions of rural populations. Water is undoubtedly one of the most basic prerequisites for any type of sustainable development.

The management of the environment remains a major concern for the Ivory Coast. It is therefore more urgent to exploit and protect it sustainably, to restore its productivity, and to promote food security and job creation among the population.

The more the fauna and flora are healthy, the more nature progresses in perfect condition

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