Global warming is a global phenomenon of climate change that is becoming more and more noticeable.
It is characterized by a general increase in average temperatures. In other words, it simply means that it is getting hotter and hotter.

In recent years, we have observed a climatic rebalancing
rebalancing on earth, announcing very unusual changes in the
environment, because of all the pollution generated throughout these years by
throughout these years by man, which constitutes many more life-threatening
impacts threatening the life of every living being on the Planet.
Indeed, human activity is one of the main causes of climate change that we observe. Man is not spared by these upheavals which are probably linked to the greenhouse gases produced by the various industrial or household activities in our daily environment.

Climate change has consequences on the current standard of living of the world population as well as on its economy. It is already affecting social, health and environmental balances in many parts of the world. However, global warming has different impacts from one continent to another and Africa is one of the most affected continents.
Among the observable effects of climate change on Africa’s water and energy resources are: flooding, drying of rivers
rivers, food insecurity, population displacement and persistent health
and persistent health crises due to increasingly hot temperatures.
and persistent health crises due to increasingly hot temperatures.

Water scarcity is a real problem for communities in rural areas, and climate change-induced droughts only intensify the negative impacts on people’s standard of living.
The depletion of these African resources is creating new challenges that are shared by several environmental organizations in order to improve the standard of living and thus avoid the worst in the years to come.

It is in this will of improvement that ESTIA SYNERGIE proposes innovative and sustainable solutions in solar energy,
water treatment in order to preserve the interactions in the ecosystem and maintain the ecological balance by manufacturing, marketing and installing solar pumping stations, water treatment and sustainable road networks in rural and decentralized areas from microbiologically
Microbiologically contaminated water. In addition, it participates in the
In addition, it participates in the training of all those people who benefit from their new technology, always in this panorama of positive improvements of human living conditions by granting drinking water to everyone.


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