Solar-powered drip irrigation

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système d'irrigation goutte à goutte

Solar-powered drip irrigation is the marriage of two systems that have been shown to have an enormous independent impact, but have rarely been used together in a well-documented fashion. Drip irrigation is an extremely efficient mechanism for delivering water (and fertilizer) directly to the roots of plants. It increases yields and allows for introduction of new (potentially high-value) crops in regions where they could not be sustained by rainfall alone. Solar-powered (photovoltaic, or PV) pumps save potentially hours of labor daily in rural off-grid areas where water hauling is traditionally done by hand by women and young girls. They are durable and immune to fuel shortages, and in the medium- to long- term cost less than traditional diesel-powered generators. These technologies allow for production of market garden vegetables during the dry season, providing a much-needed source of both income and nutrition.

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Due to the ever-increasing population in the world, water in general is becoming an increasingly scarce resource on our planet.

Much of humanity’s freshwater is used for crop irrigation at one side; and on the other side, it’s used for inefficient watering systems. Although efficient watering systems such as conventional drip are available, they are not often user by farmers due to their high cost, especially in economically less favored countries.


Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation

The Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation of Estia Synergy will change this panorama, because it offers a very efficient irrigation system as well as an inexpensive installation simple system; it allows millions of farmers to obtain an increase of their production while using less water.

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In fact, the water used for watering plants comes from the storage tank of 50M3 of water, intended for agriculture.

When the drinking water tank is full, the pumped water is sent directly into this storage bin for agriculture. This regular availability of water will increase and guarantee agricultural production in different ways:

  • Irrigation of land
  • Increase the production of fruits and vegetables
  • Provide fire protection
  • Guarantee off-season production
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The bladder is the perfect option in these areas. It can be installed directly on the ground without much investment and will supply water to irrigated land.



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