Desertification is, in the last decade, one of the most perceived problems facing the world.
Due to climate change, drought was thought to be the main cause of desertification. But, although it can indeed exacerbate the problem, it is human activities such as overexploitation of the land through overcultivation, overgrazing, poor irrigation methods and deforestation that cause desertification.

In other words, desertification is caused by poor management of natural resources, neglect of the rural environment and economic and political problems. Food insecurity is one of the first disastrous consequences of drought and desertification.
Any attempt to tackle the problem of desertification must therefore be multidisciplinary in nature.

In order to fight against this phenomenon, ESTIASYNERGIE develops, manufactures, markets and installs solar pumping stations and water treatment in rural areas, thus allowing the development of agriculture and the rural population. More than 200,000 Ivorian citizens benefit from access to water thanks to a hundred solar pumping stations.

The majority of the pumped water will be treated for potalisation and the surplus will be used for agriculture with irrigation systems such as solar irrigation and simple and efficient drip irrigation thanks to which it is possible to reduce the quality of water used for watering by about 10 times compared to traditional watering systems.

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