How to reduce your electricity bill with solar energy

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Today in Ivory Coast, it is possible to reduce our electricity bill up to 40% by simple consumption habits and specific installations. These good methods will permit us to do electricity economy and to produce the necessary energy for the rest of its consumption by using the installation of photovoltaic panels (solar panels) and solar streetlights. This is a big leap towards energy independence, which make us save every day .


The different types of solar panels:

  • Thermal solar panels trap heat from solar radiation and transmit it to a liquid that then heats your water and / or your home.
  • Photovoltaic solar panels consist of several photovoltaic cells that transform sunlight, not heat, into electricity.
  • Aerovoltaic panels, also called hybrid solar panels, combine thermal and photovoltaic technologies. Photovoltaic sensors are placed on the outside of the panel to use solar radiation, and thermal sensors are placed on the other side. They produce both electricity and heat.


Solar Street Lights: Sunset 20 Case

The Sunset 20 is a solar streetlamp developed to illuminate large spaces and two-lane roads. It is resistant to the harsh climatic aggressions. Powerful, with great autonomy and a very long life.

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Programmed to illuminate several hours per night at 100% of its power, it goes to sleep at 10% the rest of the night. It turns on 100% if it detects a presence, pedestrian or vehicles. 8 programs are possible by remote control (Option).

With a total warranty of 6 years, it replaces conventional sources of public lighting, avoiding trenches, wiring, power consumption and maintenance, except for the replacement of batteries, whose nominal service life is 12 years.


How to evaluate the electrical output of your roof?

In order to optimize the efficiency of your solar panels, it is preferable to benefit from a roof oriented towards the South and a slope of 30 °. That said, nothing is mandatory. The only thing that should alert you is the presence of shading on your roof. These can come from nearby obstacles (tree, building)


How much does it cost to install photovoltaic solar panels?

The cost of a photovoltaic installation varies according to 3 factors:

  • The available space on your roof is often a determining factor in the choice of your solar solution. Indeed, the “large roofs”, of more than 60m ², are very often better.
  • Your project type: total consumption, self-consumption with surplus sale or total sale. And for good reason, if you plan to sell all or part of your electricity production, you must integrate the cost of connection to the network.
  • The equipment used, the storage solution and the options chosen can also vary the price of a photovoltaic installation.
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Self-consumption with batteries

Total energy independence is still difficult to achieve today, unless it is equipped with rechargeable batteries. But as you want to lower the cost of your bill, you will need to increase the number or capacity of your battery and the size of your PV system.


Have a quote for the installation of solar panels

We are located at II Plateaux – Farandole, villa 1L, 20 BP 338 Abidjan 20. You can contact us at +225 22 46 35 55 or contact us via this form (by clicking here). Our team will be happy to answer you.

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Installing photovoltaic solar panels for the purpose of self-consumption is a first step towards independence. You give yourself the opportunity to produce and / or consume your electricity live and reduce your bills. Without a storage solution such as a battery, production and consumption are simultaneous and if your installation produces more than what you consume your unused electricity production is lost.




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