Estia Synergie creates innovative and sustainable solutions in solar energy, water treatment and road networks through intelligent combinations of technology, scientific research and human awareness.

In order to improve the living conditions in rural areas, Estia Synergie has opted for sustainable, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Estia Synergie is involved in various fields of construction, water treatment, rural development and agriculture.

Road networks are very important to increase economic transactions in Africa.

Estia Synergy with its Novocrete solution that uses natural minerals, facilitates transactions while reducing the impact on the environment.

The Novocrete technology allows for a more durable soil treatment with reduced cracking which allows roads to withstand high loads.

With this technology, Estia Synergie offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly, economical, high performance land use planning system.

Recent technological innovations have paved the way for the renaissance of solar powered lighting. Solar street lights are elevated outdoor light sources powered by photovoltaic panels. These panels are mounted on the lighting structure. Most solar panels like the Sunset from Estia Synergie based in Abidjan automatically detect the outside light through a light source. These can emit light the following nights, even when the sun’s energy is not available for a few days, allowing villages to be active after dark.

Estia Synergie develops, manufactures, markets and installs solar pumping and water treatment stations in rural areas, thus allowing the development of agriculture and the rural population. More than 200,000 Ivorian citizens benefit from access to water thanks to a hundred solar pumping stations. The majority of the pumped water will be treated for potalisation and the surplus will be used for agriculture with irrigation systems such as solar irrigation and simple and efficient drip irrigation thanks to which it is possible to reduce the quantity of water used for irrigation by about 10 times compared to traditional irrigation systems.

The choice of these technologies adopted by Estia Synergie has increased the productivity and development of rural populations.

More is produced, using fewer resources and for more people.

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