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Energy can be defined as an ability to modify a state or to produce a work causing a movement or generating electromagnetic radiation, light, for example or even heat. In short, energy is the faculty of producing a job. Energy is found in all the processes of the earth and the elements of nature: heat, wind, life, movement.

Today, our societies are demanding more and more energy to satisfy our energy needs: at home and at work. The importance of the availability and use of energy is such, that these concepts are used as scales of the development of societies

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Most of the energy used in Côte d’Ivoire is obtained from hydroelectric dams. The availability of this energy source is often problematic and expensive; which poses serious problems for users.

However, there is an alternative that would reduce costs and be more respectful to the environment. This alternative is solar energy which is a renewable and green energy.

Renewable energy is a form of energy that is periodically available to humans and is able to use and transform.

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The solar energy that is the most abundant and available of all renewable energies is inexhaustible.

Estia Synergie Côte d’Ivoire offers innovative and sustainable solutions in solar energy to reduce your electricity bills.


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