About Us

The positive impact we hace across the world, we owe it to our passionate team. Below, meet the pioneers of Estia Synergie. Every manager has their own dedicated team that allows them to reach their ambitious social and economic goals.


TED Estia Synergie

Mamba Karamoko

Business Manager

Ali Handjani

Financial Director

Aïda Kamara

Communication Manager

Alexandre Karaziwan

Managing Partner

Nadim Charara

Technical director

Freddy Beugre

Project Manager Engineer

Bintou Diane Kamara

Chief Accountant


Our Activity

Our objective is to implement innovative and sustainable solutions in energy, safe water management and road networks throughout the world. Estia Synergie offers useful energy infrastructures and our firm provides services including the conception, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of our products.

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Careers & Jobs

We Are Recruiting!

Estia Synergie is in constant evolution, we are looking for candidates in sales, marketing, project management and research & development. Our team in the Ivory Coast would be glad to tell you more about our missions. You can leave your contact information and we will contact you as soon as possible.