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Estia Synergie Côte d’Ivoire offers innovative and sustainable solutions to energy, safe water management and road networks.

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Potable Water

Although we are witnessing a positive evolution of sanitary conditions in Ivory Coast and across the world, there are still approximately 36 000 people dying everyday from the lack of access to safe and drinkable water. Estia Synergie develops, builds, markets and implements solar-powered water pumps and water treatment facilities in rural and decentralized areas from microbiologically contaminated water .

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Knowledge transfer

Training And Maintenance

At Estia Synergie, we are committed to the transfer of knowledge. It is not enough to bring drinking water or solar energy solutions to make a positive impact. Above all, we must ensure that beneficiaries know how to use and maintain our technologies.

« Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime » .

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Sustainable Energy

Solar Energy

By combining an array of advanced technologies related to renewable energies, Estia Synergie based in Abidjan, offers public lightening products and stand-alone energy solutions. Whether they are solar-powered or linked to power grids, our products allow substantial energy savings (from 80 to 100%) whilst complying with the requirements of sustainable development .

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Road Networks

The economic growth of a country depends directly from the volume of its financial transactions and its logistics services; but without reliable road networks, they are heavily compromised. With our NovoCrete technology, we offer land-used planning systems that are sustainable, eco-friendly cost-efficient and of high quality.

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