Solar energy, the energy of the future par excellence, is a real asset because the installation of solar panels on a house is advantageous both for savings and for the quality of life of users. Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy. The more energy a solar panel receives, the more electricity it […]


This Saturday, July 10 took place in the BANCO Park, the first edition of « Green Day » bringing together more than 120 young Ivorians organized by the NGO WAKE UP COTE D’IVOIRE in partnership with ESTIA SYNERGIE, in order to inform and sensitize the Ivorian youth on environmental issues. The theme of this day « GREEN […]

L’Accès à l’Eau en Afrique

Parmi les plus grands défis que l’Afrique devra relever figure celui de l’EAU. L’augmentation des besoins en eau potable, la croissance des populations, la sècheresse périodique suite au changement climatique sont autant de facteurs qui créent des conditions de stress et de manque d’eau dans de nombreuses régions africaines. Le continent africain dispose de réserves […]

The international day for the environment

« ‘(…) The United Nations, aware that the protection and improvement of the environment are issues of major importance that affect the well-being of people and economic development around the world, has designated June 5 as World Environment Day.The theme for World Environment Day, this June 5, 2021, is Ecosystem Restoration, < Reimagine. Recreate. Restore > […]


The « Conseil du Coton et de l’Anacarde » proceeded this Wednesday, May 19, 2021, to the official handing-over of solar energy hydraulic pumps in the village of LELOUROUKAHA, KORHOGO. A ceremony chaired by the DG of the council of cotton and cashew, Adama Coulibaly. This ceremony was celebrated in the presence of local authorities and actors. […]

ESTIA Synergie, a company turned towards the future

Estia Synergie creates innovative and sustainable solutions in solar energy, water treatment and road networks through intelligent combinations of technology, scientific research and human awareness. In order to improve the living conditions in rural areas, Estia Synergie has opted for sustainable, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions. Estia Synergie is involved in various fields of construction, […]

Global warming

Global warming is a global phenomenon of climate change that is becoming more and more noticeable.It is characterized by a general increase in average temperatures. In other words, it simply means that it is getting hotter and hotter. In recent years, we have observed a climatic rebalancingrebalancing on earth, announcing very unusual changes in theenvironment, […]